At AM, we believe in what we do because we’ve experienced it ourselves. We know what it’s like to wonder what’s next and hope that you’re taking the right steps to get there. Once we decided to lead with purpose, it transformed our lives forever.

Our Story

AM was born in 1998, with just our founder Aaron McClung, his Power Macintosh G3, and a calling to serve God through hard work and creativity. He continued to build the business over the years as a side gig until the first website went live in the early 2000s. Our team began to grow one by one, and they held the team meeting in our first office, also known as Aaron’s living room.

Celebrating our 25th year in business

Throughout the decade, the agency continued to grow along with the internet. We were creating branding and custom development solutions for clients around the world, and AM was recognized as one of DFW’s 100 fastest growing businesses. But over time, despite our growth, it was clear that the industry was changing—and we needed to change along with it. But, industry shifts were only half of the story. AM was having a bit of an identity crisis. What was our purpose and vision? Who were we serving most effectively? Then, in 2017, Aaron joined a business leaders group at Gateway Church. He learned about God’s vision for the business and what it meant to give the agency over to Him. Everything changed.

That’s the moment when AM was truly reborn. We’re called to be more than a creative agency. We’re called to make an impact in people’s lives, no matter what path they’re on, and each one of us is driven by that mission when we show up every day. Websites and logos are just the details. By blending consultation, creativity, culture, and more, we’re creating a real change in our clients’ lives. Since our big perspective shift, we’ve developed OVRFLO, a program to help businesses scale their purpose, profit, and engagement. It’s unique because we drive to the core of who you are as a business leader, and why your business exists. Then, once we have that clear foundation in place, we can apply it to your brand, marketing, culture, and beyond.

Our Purpose & Values

We exist to inspire and equip others to fulfill their God-given purpose.

These are the rules we live by, and the values we strive to embody every day:


Our process involves collaboration on both sides. We can’t be successful without your expert knowledge and years of experience. Your problems are our problems. Every step will be taken together, and we’ll respect your role as a business leader as we guide you along the way.


The beautiful thing about following your purpose is that we have no desire to cut corners or go into this process anything but wholeheartedly. We’re dedicated to earning your trust by being reliable, consistent, and taking ownership at every level.


We also wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing if it didn’t work. By taking a holistic approach to your business, we’ll not only be improving the lives of you and your employees, but also bolstering your customer base, bottom line, and metrics.


We practice what we preach. We hire our team based on what drives them day-in and day-out, ensuring that they’ll care about your organization on a deeper level. Our teams operate based on a God-given purpose, not a paycheck, and it’ll be reflected in the end results.


We’ll work harder and smarter. You’ve taken on the risk and weight of running your own organization, and we’ll respect that commitment every day through our own work. Every element of our collaboration will be treated with equal effort across our teams.


How to put your core values to work for you

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