O U R   P U R P O S E

AM exists to inspire and equip companies and their employees to fulfill their God-given purpose. From the marketing and culture work we do for our clients to investing in our team and others around the world, we live out that purpose in everything we do.

Many companies struggle to activate their purpose in a meaningful way, despite the best of intentions. Only 1 in 7 people believe they are living their purpose in their day-to-day work (McKinsey). The struggle is real for both companies and their employees, and this disconnect makes it difficult to build a culture that is winning with purpose.

We’re here to change that. We’ve been to the promised land of purpose and we’re guiding as many other people there as possible.

There’s a lot at stake. It’s not only that we want people to be fulfilled in their work. Purpose drives higher engagement, and higher engagement leads to higher-performing companies. That means more customers buying from purpose-led companies, and more opportunities for other people to join in the meaningful work.

Our Story

C L I E N T   I M P A C T


client employees served
in the last 12 months

We equip our clients with purpose-powered branding, marketing, and culture systems that elevate meaning and impact in every facet of the organization. They experience the growth they are looking for through helping others thrive. 

T E A M   I M P A C T


We’ve developed the Purpose Discovery Process to help each of our employees explore their personality profile, spiritual gifts, talents, and meaningful memories. These tools help them uncover patterns of purpose in their life that reveal how they’re uniquely wired to impact the lives of others. We then work together to set goals for how they can intentionally impact other people in all areas of their lives.

G L O B A L   I M P A C T


scholarships funded for
African girls through
Village Schools

We invest in the scholastic education and spiritual formation of girls in Africa for whom no other opportunities exist. Through our ministry partner, Village Schools, we provide scholarships for these future leaders to gain the skills and knowledge to fulfill their purpose and pursue their dreams.

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O U R   V A L U E S

These are the rules we live by, and the values we strive to embody every day:


Our process involves collaboration on both sides. We can’t be successful without your expert knowledge and years of experience. Your problems are our problems. Every step will be taken together, and we’ll respect your role as a business leader as we guide you along the way.


The beautiful thing about following your purpose is that we have no desire to cut corners or go into this process anything but wholeheartedly. We’re dedicated to earning your trust by being reliable, consistent, and taking ownership at every level.


We also wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing if it didn’t work. By taking a holistic approach to your business, we’ll not only be improving the lives of you and your employees, but also bolstering your customer base, bottom line, and metrics.


We practice what we preach. We hire our team based on what drives them day in and day out, ensuring that they’ll care about your organization on a deeper level. Our teams operate based on a God-given purpose, not a paycheck, and it’ll be reflected in the end results.


We’ll work harder and smarter. You’ve taken on the risk and weight of running your own organization, and we’ll respect that commitment every day through our own work. Every element of our collaboration will be treated with equal effort across our teams.