Once we decided to lead with purpose, it transformed our lives forever.


E S T A B L I S H E D   1 9 9 8

AM began in 1998, with just our founder Aaron McClung, his Power Mac G3, and a calling to serve God through hard work and creativity. Throughout the decade, as the internet took off, so did the agency. We were creating branding and website solutions for clients around the world, and AM was recognized as one of DFW’s 100 fastest-growing businesses. 

R E – E S T A B L I S H E D   2 0 1 7

Over time, despite our growth, it was clear that the industry was changing—and we needed to change along with it. But, industry shifts were only half of the story. AM was having a bit of an identity crisis. What was our purpose and vision? Who were we serving most effectively? Then, in 2017, Aaron joined a business leaders group at Gateway Church. He learned about God’s vision for the business and what it meant to give the agency over to Him. Everything changed.

A C T I V A T I N G   P U R P O S E

That’s the moment when AM was truly reborn. We’re called to be more than a creative agency. We’re called to make an impact in people’s lives, no matter what path they’re on, and each one of us is driven by that purpose when we show up every day. By blending consultation, creativity, culture, and more, we’re creating a real change in our clients’ lives and businesses. Over the years since our big perspective shift, we’ve developed OVRFLO, a program to help businesses scale their purpose, profit, and engagement. 

Our Purpose & Values