By Text

By Text

Purpose Messaging


The world is divided and disconnected.


There is unlimited potential for good when people are connected.


We exist to cultivate connections that create infinite impact.


Text Messaging

Powered By Text believes that when people are truly connected, there is unlimited potential for good. AM is honored to be a long-term partner with the PBT team for over a decade. When the time came for a name change from Ministry by Text to Powered By Text, AM was again chosen to guide the brand transition.

Fractional CMO

An AM Strategist led the Powered By Text marketing function in a fractional role. That allowed the client to have a seasoned leader overseeing all marketing initiatives, staff, and activities. The Fractional CMO met with the client leadership team and ensured marketing strategy and efforts were aligned with company goals, objectives, and budgets.

Marketing Strategy

The strategy for Powered By Text followed a segmented audience approach that aligned with the six types of nonprofits they serve. We started with plans and activities to reach each segment and then continuously added more layers and channels to reach the rest over time. Top-of-funnel channels for this B2B strategy included trade shows, prospect contact data, intent data, CRM integration, email automation, social media ads, text messaging, and more. 

Account-based Marketing


Through our signature OVRFLO purpose activation process, we worked closely with PBT staff to identify their core belief and purpose. We were able to build the new branding and messaging on that foundation. The tagline we created, “Higher-Powered Text Messaging,” has dual meanings related to the excellence of their texting platform and the faith-based purpose of the organization. The new logo integrates the P letter form, the “power” in their name (bolt), and text messaging (bubble). 

The Ovrflo Process

Website Design & Development

Applying the new brand assets to the website was essential in launching the new name and brand powerfully. The new website was built on WordPress and integrated with Salesforce and other technologies. The site successfully caters to the six target audiences and delivers content personalized to each. 

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