Traveling Coaches

Traveling Coaches

Purpose Messaging




Empowered individuals improve organizations as they improve themselves.


We empower and educate individuals, creating a learning culture that elevates the entire organization.


Training that Transforms

Since 1995, Traveling Coaches has been a pioneer in talent development and organizational change within the legal industry. As a Woman-owned business, founder Gina Buser’s incredible journey of leading a successful business proves that empowering individuals to believe in their potential can make a big difference. Traveling Coaches helps you create a culture of learning that prioritizes each employee’s development because when they rise, the whole firm rises.

Fractional CMO

An AM Strategist led the Traveling Coaches’ marketing function in a fractional role. That allowed the client to have a seasoned leader overseeing all marketing initiatives, staff, and activities. The Fractional CMO met with the client leadership team and ensured marketing strategy and efforts were aligned with company goals, objectives, and budgets.

Marketing Strategy + Execution

The strategy for Traveling Coaches targeted their specific audience of legal firms with 150 to 1500 employees. Bringing purposeful messaging to an audience traditionally known for its transactional nature must be done with intentionality and balance. Top-of-funnel channels for this B2B strategy included trade shows, prospect contact data, intent data, email automation, social media posts/ads, and more. 

Account-based Marketing


Through our signature OVRFLO purpose activation process, we worked closely with client staff to identify their core belief and purpose. We were able to build the new branding and messaging on that foundation. The tagline we created, “Training that Transforms,” makes it easy for their team to start with their purpose and then introduce their proven training services to demonstrate it. The new logo integrates the transformation theme as well in the subtle shape of a butterfly. The colors grab your attention with the bright palette mixed with the dulled purple, creating an eye-popping contrast in every channel.  

The Ovrflo Process

Website Design & Development

The new website is the hub for awareness, problem identification and nurturing for Traveling Coaches prospects. It was critical to lead with their purpose and back it up with their unmatched industry knowledge and track record. The quality of the design stands out among their competitors, delivering the instant credibility and trust that TC has earned with its nearly 3 decades of excellence. 

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