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Crafting a purpose statement that ignites your company

Is your purpose statement meaningful?

Identifying your company’s purpose begins with uncovering, distilling, and documenting how your company makes lives better. These important words are the framework required to build consistent, meaningful conversations in your culture and marketing.

Your company purpose statement should…

  • Describe how you authentically impact lives 
  • Not mention your literal specific products/services
  • Be as unique as possible from your competitors
  • Be built on a core problem and core belief  

This step is where many companies shoot their purpose activation journey in the foot without even knowing it. It may seem like a simple task, and you may think what you came up with is fine, but it often falls flat with your employees. When identifying and documenting the company purpose without seasoned experts involved, the purpose statement typically lacks the emotion, uniqueness, creativity, and focus needed to activate it at all levels of your organization. 

Messaging Matters

We develop four key messaging components to ensure that your purpose is compelling to all of your audiences: Core Problem, Core Belief, Core Purpose, and Tagline. 

Core Problem 

A core problem is an obstacle or challenge that those your company serves or cares about are facing in the world today. It acts as a focal point, bringing individuals together and inspiring them to take action to correct the problem. We often integrate statistics to help reveal how universally impactful the core problem is. 

Core Belief

A core belief is a deeply held belief that informs how people see themselves and the world. It has a large influence on people’s perceptions and decision-making. Your core belief conveys your company’s stand to fight against the core problem. 

Core Purpose

Your core purpose is your specific promise to make an impact in the lives of others. Because the core problem exists, and because we believe it must be corrected, our purpose is the action we must take to correct the problem. It’s WHY your organization exists, and the wording typically does NOT specifically mention your products and services. It should be at a higher level than that.

Primary Tagline

A good tagline will have dual meanings. It combines the WHAT and WHY to become the conversation starter in every channel, from your marketing to your culture. It’s the short, purpose-powered phrase that becomes the representation of your purpose and impact in and through your company.


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We’ve invested our lives in making purpose successful for companies like yours. You only get so many opportunities to launch it successfully. We’ve designed proven systems with time-tested processes and tools that will work for you. 

Let’s discuss how we can come alongside you and your team to activate your purpose successfully. 

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