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We bring TOGETHER.


We believe there's room at the table for everyone.


We empower outsiders, underdogs, and the “least of these” to rise up, conquer challenges and fulfill their dreams.


Made to Love™

Van’s Kitchen has been the home of America’s most loved egg rolls for over three decades. They are a second-generation, minority-owned egg roll manufacturer that supplies to over 10,000 supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. Their egg rolls are produced with top-quality ingredients and crafted to achieve their ultimate goal: make every bite the best one.

Fractional CMO

An AM Strategist led Van’s Kitchen marketing in a Fractional CMO role. That allowed the client to have a seasoned leader overseeing all marketing initiatives, staff, and activities. The Fractional CMO met regularly with the client leadership team and ensured the marketing strategy and activities were aligned with company goals, objectives, and budgets.

When we first met with Van’s Kitchen, they were an established business looking to expand their opportunities. They’d been selling egg rolls for more than 30 years at thousands of retailers across the country, but knew they weren’t tapping into their full marketing potential. Messaging was failing to connect on a deeper level, and they needed a perspective shift.

During our partnership with Van’s Kitchen, the brand was transformed into a purpose-driven company. The brand doubled its national store presence from 5,000 to 10,000 stores, resulting in double-digit year-over-year revenue growth. This ultimately led to a sale and exit by the Managing Partner/CEO who hired us. It’s one of our greatest purpose-driven success stories, and we are honored to have been a part of their journey.

Marketing Strategy & Execution

AM partnered with Van’s Kitchen as the agency of record for over three years. The strategy focused on B2B Grocery Buyers and direct consumers. B2B channels included trade partnerships and events, direct mail, email, print, video, and LinkedIn. Campaigns included rebranding and packaging redesign rollout, product launches, National Egg Roll Day, Lunar New Year, email newsletters, and many other initiatives. Consumer campaigns focused on social media, email, and ecommerce advertising on, Instacart and other retailers. 

Account-based Marketing

Changing the Conversation

Before going through our OVRFLO process, the Van’s Kitchen brand elements were like many brands out there today – missing the unique visual and emotional connections that purpose-aligned brands can deliver. The look and messaging did not set them apart, and the overall application was inconsistent. The brand needed to be more human, more personal, and more unique. Our job was to change all that and change the conversation from products to purpose.

Using their clarified purpose as a guide, we created a new tagline, “Made to Love,” to become their conversation starter in all channels. It has dual meaning in that it not only refers to how you will love the taste of their egg rolls, but also reflects their faith-based mission that everyone they serve is made to love by God. Van’s Kitchen wants to share that love and hope with every person who makes or eats their egg rolls. That message attracts those who want to experience that, support that, and vote for more of that with every egg roll they purchase.

The Ovrflo Process

Branding & Website

We tackled an entire rebrand for Van’s Kitchen, including visuals, collateral, and creative direction, and also applied it to their sales and marketing process. From an updated website to social media content to video and beyond, the Van’s Kitchen purpose is helping them make meaningful connections through all of their brand touch points.

The updated website included full product descriptions and nutrionals. A dynamic store locator was integrated, allowing site visitors nationwide to see where to purchase their favorite egg rolls. 

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Hiring, Onboarding & Reviews

Being a purpose-driven company is not just a marketing strategy. To have an authentic, activated purpose, it has to be integrated into the culture first and foremost. Our Ovrflo Culture System was implemented to attract employees who share Van’s Kitchen’s values and want to be a part of their American dream story. We uncovered a diverse workforce and made sure their culture and recruiting led with how there’s truly room at the table of opportunity for all at Van’s Kitchen.

The Ovrflo Culture System

Internal Communication

Culture is created one conversation at a time. We developed an internal communication system for intentional, purpose-led conversations and messaging to permeate throughout the company. Our workflows included weekly departmental Huddles, quarterly Company Meetings, daily text messages, signage, and content displayed on TVs throughout the facility. This effort closed the communication gap and surrounded the culture with updates that kept everyone on the same page.