Cross City Church

Cross City Church

Purpose Messaging




We're not perfect, and we don't expect you to be. We believe that the only real hope for the world is Jesus Christ. Real life is the result of real hope.


At Cross City, we're about real people finding real hope, and experiencing real life in Christ.


Real People.
Real Hope.
Real Life.

Cross City Church is about real people finding real hope and experiencing real life in Christ. To them, it’s pretty simple: a relationship with Jesus changes everything. They want everyone in the world to hear that, believe it, and join them in a journey to follow Him.

The church has been a beacon of hope in the DFW community for well over a hundred years. They started as First Baptist Euless, and recently partnered with AM to help them through the name change, brand strategy, and website redesign. This church has been an important part of the AM story as well. Our Founder, Aaron McClung, worked there as a Graphic Designer after college, and has been partnering with the church on various initiatives for over two decades.

Watch a short video of the Church leadership and AM Creative Director, Aaron Smith, sharing about the name change process.

Naming and Branding

Renaming a 100+ year-old institution takes vision and courage. God raised up the leadership of this church at this time for that very purpose. Their vision was to expand to multiple campuses in other parts of the area, and they knew the name would need to change to make sense in other cities. They asked AM to guide the process to ensure the best and smoothest transition for this treasured church family.

We surveyed their staff, leaders, members, and even those outside the church to ensure the new name would make sense in all contexts. “CrossCity” surfaced through the process and fit their vision of going across the city AND being all about finding real life in Jesus. The dual meaning was clever, simple, and relevant, a great name upon which to build the next hundred years of ministry.

The Ovrflo Process

Website Design & Development

Large churches have sophisticated needs for making an online experience work for their diverse audience. The old site was not doing a great job of making it easy to find the vast set of ministries and resources within the church, so it was critical to correct that with the new site. We also needed to clearly communicate their multiple campus options and ensure all users knew which services and events were happening at which location, yet live on the same site. 

We also integrated their third-party church management system to seamlessly display and easily manage their groups and events on their website. The sermons module organizes each sermon and related series for easy download and viewing and makes weekly updating a breeze for their staff.  All of this great functionality was built on a WordPress core, allowing the new site to make it easy for staff to add, edit, and remove content pages as needed.

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