Clements Fluids

Clements Fluids

Purpose Messaging




Clements Fluids exists to unearth and unleash the God-given potential in every person and every well we encounter.


Unearth Your Potential™


Where there’s a well, there’s a way.
We know the drill.
Well. Done.
Every Well. Every Person. Every Day.
Unearth. Uplift. Unleash.

Founded by Mike and Donna Clements in 1985 in Henderson, Texas, Clements Fluids has built relationships on a foundation of trust, discipline, and excellence, delivering the most comprehensive fluid solutions for the lifecycle of the well. They believe pursuing and honoring God in their work brings joy, humility, and purpose. When they serve others, they strive to do so with excellence as an overflow of what God has done for them. Clements Fluids exists to unearth and unleash the God-given potential in every well and every person they encounter.

Ovrflo Process

Clements Fluids is a multi-generational, family-owned, faith-based company providing custom fluids to the oil and gas industry. They chose AM to help them connect their WHAT to their WHY, aiming to infuse meaningful purpose and impact in every facet of their growing business. Through our Ovrflo process, we were able to see the patterns of purpose in their services and in their culture. The overlapping desire to maximize the potential of both the wells they service and the people they impact was the missing piece that we were able to bring out and bring to life.

The Ovrflo Process

New Tagline and Creative Direction

“Unearth” was the perfect dual-meaning word that connected their WHAT (helping oil wells produce resources out of the ground) and their WHY (helping people unleash the God-given potential within them).

We knew that was important to the client to keep their existing logo, but we also knew we had to infuse new life into this brand for it to succeed. We delivered bold typography, gritty textures, and a vibrant color palette to revitalize the brand and make it more personal, unique, and compelling.

Ovrflo Culture System

After the new brand was in place, we then began helping Clements infuse their purpose into the culture system. We started with writing Action Statements that clarified what it means to live out the Clements Fluids values. We then integrated the purpose and values into their hiring process, performance reviews, and their ongoing internal communication channels. 

The Ovrflo Culture System

Website Design & Development

We were honored to apply the new purpose-powered brand to their new website. We developed a site map, interface design, and content strategy that came together perfectly for Clements Fluids. We then built the site in WordPress using a responsive theme that looks great on all devices.   

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