Purpose Messaging




Everyone deserves quality healthcare.


Peerspectiv helps ensure the best care possible to those with the very least.


All Better.

Peerspectiv partners with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC) to provide independent clinical peer reviews with the ultimate goal of enhancing the quality of care for patients together

Naming Process

AM partnered with Peerspectiv™ in the naming of their company. We knew the name needed to integrate what they do, why they do it, and what sets them apart. The new name combined their WHAT (PEER reviews for doctors) with their HOW (use a third-party doctor to provide an outside perspective). PEER + PERSPECTIVE = PEERSPECTIV. The domain and trademark were clear, and we were off and running with the new brand.


The new website brought all the new messaging and design elements together to become the marketing hub for Peerspectiv. Their target audience is chief medical officers of FQHCs, who are under a lot of pressure to make their clinics profitable. The content needed to clearly convey the features and benefits as well as lead with their purpose of impacting patients.  

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Peerspectiv’s leadership team partnered with AM to develop the new brand, including its purpose messaging, values, logo, creative direction, and brand guidelines. The founder built the organization to provide peer reviews for a specific type of healthcare provider called an FQHC, which stands for Federally Qualified Healthcare Center. These centers provide care for medically underserved areas and populations.

With such an impact-focused mission, we needed to build their purpose messaging on how they protect the quality of healthcare for this vulnerable audience. We had to inspire their target audience, FQHC leaders, to see that third-party peer reviews help them better care for their patients. The tagline of “All Better” emerged with its dual meaning of making doctors and those they serve better.

The logo is a P shape integrated with a document icon to represent the reviews they provide. The imagery includes doctors who authentically care for their patients. The textures and illustrations make this service feel more personal, accessible, and less intimidating to their target audience.

The Ovrflo Process

Software Application

Peerspectiv relies on independently contracted medical doctors to execute the peer reviews for FQHCs. That means that medical files from facilities nationwide have to be shared electronically with the highest security and HIPAA compliance.

AM built the web-based software application using a Laravel framework to help Peerspectiv operate this part of their business. We started with a UI/UX process that mapped out the simplest process possible to ensure it was easy for all audiences to share files quickly. The reviews are then completed, and files are returned through the application. The ratings are calculated and displayed so that FQHC staff can quickly analyze and learn from the process.