Cottonwood Creek Church

Cottonwood Creek Church

Purpose Messaging


Cottonwood Creek Church is a welcoming family of believers, situated at the intersection of multiple cities, communities, and cultures.


We expect God to do big things. We expect people to come. We expect them to come broken, hurting, and in need.


We are called to meet and exceed the needs of the people God brings to us.


it takes.

At Cottonwood Creek Church, they are called to meet and exceed the needs of the people God brings to them. They believe that there is no better way to show God’s love and prepare people to receive the good news of the Gospel than by meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each and every unique individual.


Through our signature Ovrflo process, we worked with the church leadership team to create a new brand that aligned with their updated vision. The existing logo already had decades of familiarity and trust with the community, so updates to the branding were more about building up a more modern and emotionally engaging application around the existing mark.

The colors were pumped up to the max, and the typography was updated to feel like a mix of powerful and personal. The bold, all-caps title font brings the impact, and the more hand-written secondary typeface keeps things feeling real and authentic.

From there, it became about backing up the new “whatever it takes” messaging with real imagery of them making it happen in their community.

The Ovrflo Process

Website Design & Development

Given the size of the church, the multi-campus approach they take, and the wide assortment of resources they make available to their audience – the site needed to go beyond just looking good; it had to integrate with existing systems too. From a robust sermons manager to events and small groups integrations with their church management software – the new site required a mix of emotionally impactful design and custom-developed integrations to really bring it all together for their users.

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