California Catholic Conference

California Catholic Conference

The California Catholic Conference serves as the official public policy voice of the Catholic Church in California. It advocates with policymakers and the public, aiming to promote the Catholic vision of human life and dignity, bolster the honorable and good aspects of society, and uplift poor and vulnerable individuals. The organization educates Catholics and the general public, empowering Catholics to implement their faith in ways that align with Catholic teachings.


California Catholic Conference found themselves in the same situation as many of our Catholic clients – they found themselves approaching an audience that keeps getting younger with branding that keeps getting older. They needed to keep things feeling trustworthy and dependable given the nature of their mission (engaging with the body to affect future legislation), but they were missing the emotional connection that a purpose-based brand should deliver.

AM partnered with The CCC to bring their mission to life through bolder messaging, more captivating visuals, and an informational and action-inspiring website. While we updated their logo to better appeal to their audience, which grows younger every day, they needed more than just a logo—they needed a full BRAND. So we updated colors, emboldened typefaces, created illustrations that allowed their constituency to see themselves in the movement, and created animation and interactivity that drew them toward action.

Website Design & Development

When it came time to build the new website, it was about 2 main goals – information and action. The old platform had plenty of news to deliver, but the news was buried and difficult to sift through. The new site had to feature new posts in an engaging way, as well as build a platform that allowed users to find the specifics they were looking for more easily. Beyond simply informing their audience, AM strategized methods to better call their users to action! With better navigation and organization of available action steps leading the way, we also doubled down by placing the next steps all along the path their different users would take.

This strategic and functional thinking led the way – but everything had to be presented with the emotional and engaging appeal established with the new branding. What resulted was a site now loaded with personality, a regularly updated destination energized with a memorable quality, and an inspiring channel to better reach the people.

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