Turning Point Church

Turning Point Church

Turning Point Church is a non-denominational, multi-cultural, and multi-generational church located in South Atlanta, Georgia. Their mission is to reach people far from God with the good news of Jesus Christ and help them lead a God-first life.


Turning Point Church has been serving the southern Atlanta area for decades, but when it was time to update their branding to better match their contemporary approach – they knew just who to call. We started by having strategic conversations with their team to identify their unique purpose as a church and then moved on to putting that purpose into logos that illustrate who they are and messaging that tells their story across multiple ministries.

Through a more simplified color scheme, modern-feeling typography, and a logo that is literally moving forward, AM was able to help Turning Point push past the dated mark of old and the over-saturated coloring that kept them feeling dated and inconsistent with who they really were on a day-to-day basis.

From there, we expanded this new visual approach into a set of secondary brands that fit within the overall look and feel of the church as a whole—all while giving their kids, middle, and high school youth groups a bit of uniqueness to better suit the needs of each very different age group.

The final result is a fully fleshed-out system that brings more energy, passion, and a contemporary edge to their audience. And the most important thing about their new brand is that it’s uniquely and authentically Turning Point.

Website Design & Development

Applying the new brand assets to the website was essential in keeping the communications of who they are and what people can expect consistent and inspiring. This channel is the primary route through which most of their audience discovers them, vets their programs and beliefs, and registers for their events and services – so we had to get this right. The new website was built on WordPress, and content was strategically created and organized to easily and efficiently move local and remote audiences toward the multiple next steps available – visiting in person, watching sermons online, joining a small group, volunteering, giving, and more.