Your brand is more than just a logo design. It’s your promise to the marketplace. It represents your company’s identity and reflects your company culture, products and personality.

We believe your brand should be built on your purpose and vision, and by doing so will inspire your team and your customers to become raving fans. That’s the point of our OVRFLO process as it gives us everything we need to get to the core of YOU and share it with the world.


Our naming process is collaborative, thorough and effective. We come up with creative names for your company, product or service that appeal to your audience and set you apart in the marketplace.

Messaging & Voice

Our voice and messaging are how we speak to the world and how we approach writing. We bring out your company’s distinct voice to speak to the hearts of your customers.

Personas & Audience Analysis

Your company connects best with certain people. We show you some examples of those people and give recommendations on how to reach those audiences.

Logo Design

The importance of a unique logo cannot be overstated. Don’t just make your mark. Make your mark meaningful.

Creative Direction

Your visual brand includes your logo, photography, typography, and graphic design elements. We believe that those creative assets must come together in a unique way to make your brand stand out from your competitors and meaningfully convey your unique value proposition.

Brand Guidelines

Once all the creative assets are in place, we’ll gather it all and organize it into an easy-to-follow brand guidelines document or website. This tool is the key to consistent brand representation by your team and vendors across all your communication touch points.

Campus Signage

We’ll help you integrate your brand elements into your space in a creative way. Our team has the experience to design spaces that bring your brand to life for your team and customers.

Print Collateral Design

Sometimes print–not digital–is the right choice. But it can be costly, so it better be creative, beautiful, and targeted.

The best place to start is with our signature consulting process called OVRFLO.

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