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We open our bibles to learn. We open our lives to love.

In 2016, Pastor Mark Driscoll and his family announced a church-planting journey from Seattle to the Greater Phoenix area. With increased love, burden and excitement, they began an epic adventure of faith. They were blessed with what they only see as a provision from God: a beautiful, quirky, Mid-Century modern building with a unique architectural style, and an incredibly strategic location accessible to the whole valley. Their new church home and name “The Trinity Church” tells an amazing story, fifty years in the making.

With the church’s building and culture being eccentric and interactive, the website is thoughtfully designed to be just that. Using horizontal scrolling and mouseover images, the user has a unique and unexpected experience that encourages them to dive deeper into the site for more of these personal interactions. The website combines genuine, portrait-style imagery and architectural illustrations to continue the departure from what’s expected to something truly extraordinary.