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Deerfoot Lodge

To build godly men in Christ-centered community through wilderness camping

In 1930, Alfred “Dad” Kunz set out to make a camp that would serve as a catalyst toward the personal, spiritual, relational, and missional growth of boys and men. With a Christ‐focused program, a picturesque property that illustrates God’s beauty in creation, and a challenging environment that pushes boys out of their comfort zones ‐ Deerfoot has continued to build upon the reputation for being a camp like none other. God’s provision has been evident at every turn and the camp’s rugged DNA is forever forged into each and every Deerfoot brother.

With a growing demand and desire to make the most impact as possible, Deerfoot has opened an additional camp location and looked to us to create websites that could communicate who they are, what they do, and why they do it. We developed custom messaging and a unique visual approach to allow the viewer to connect in an emotional, visceral way. With vintage photos, illustrations, and torn paper edges, the three sites come together to embody the tradition, ruggedness, and spiritual nature of the Deerfoot experience.

We created three sites for Deerfoot Lodge: Deerfoot global, Deerfoot Adirondacks, and Deerfoot Blue Ridge. Each site maintains the same visual identity, with content and custom interactive maps that are tailered to meet the needs of each site.