October 15

15909 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75248

9:00 am to 1:00 pm


Fee includes continental breakfast and buffet lunch. 


Aaron McClung, Principal

Tim Trammell, Strategist

Aaron Smith, Strategist

Individual Purpose Discovery

We’re all wired with a life purpose, yet only 10% of people say they know what it is. There’s power and meaning inside you waiting to be uncovered and unleashed. We’ll walk through the tools we use, the conversations we have, and how we apply what we uncover in order to help others narrow in on their God-given purpose. We’ll explore how we use spiritual gifts, personality profiles, and more to understand how God has designed us specifically to serve and transform others. This part of the workshop applies to everyone. Purpose brings joy and focus to all, whether you are a business leader or stay-at-home mom.

Company Purpose Discovery

We’ll demonstrate our signature process that helps organizations uncover their WHY. Join in the process as we work with an individual entrepreneur or executive to document their company’s WHATs and HOWs, and then dig deeper to find out what makes them inspiring and important. Hint: The WHY can usually be found hiding somewhere in those WHATs and HOWs if we simply ask the right questions.

Agency Q&A

We want to answer your questions about how your purpose applies to branding, marketing and technology strategy and implementation. We’ll set aside time for you to ask more detailed questions to better explain tactical steps that we use to help our clients every day. Our team of experts will be ready and willing to answer your practical questions.


How could we talk about being full of purpose on an empty stomach? Registration includes a Continental breakfast and the Chef’s Buffet style lunch.

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